Life's Simple Pleasures

The feeling of your toes in soft grass or sand


Climbing trees

A perfect parking spot you see out of the blue

A stranger smiling as they pass

Finishing your last exam

Doing handstands

Being surprised with chocolate or flowers

Wearing new socks for the first time

Scoring a tough paper ball shot into the bin

When your song of the moment is played on the radio

Getting a second drink from a vending machine for free

Finding something you were planning to buy, on sale

Sleeping in

When a utility company forgets to send you a bill

Finding a perfectly good TV / couch / furniture

Having a shower after camping

Finding money or lollies that you had previous hid, and forgot about

Skipping stones

Warm undies in winter

Just laughing

Free stuff

Friday afternoon

Helping someone in need

Having savings

Checking something off your to-do list

Being the first person to do something

Star gazing at night

Lying in the grass looking at the clouds

City lights at night

Waking up in the morning on a non-work day

The perfect cup of tea.


Mum's cooking

Belly Laughs

Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies just out of the oven.


Watching a butterfly emerge from it's chrysalis.

The first snowfall of the season.

4.59pm Mon - Fri

Your toes being touched by waves

Compliments from strangers.

Finishing a good book with a smile.

Hitting all green lights on the way home from work.

Listening to music on the freeway

An ice cold drink in the summer, and a hot steaming drink in the winter

A good conversation over a cup of coffee

Kissing the person you love for the first time in what feels like forever.

Holding your baby for the first time

Watching the sun rise and the sun set.

Getting a happy smile from someone you're secretly in love with

A freshly made bed

Laying in a forest with your mind empty of the worries of this world.

Sit by the window with a hot warming drink whilst watching the rain outside.

Receiving a message from an unexpected person, at an unexpected time.

Warming under the covers with that special someone!

A long chilled glass of homemade lemonade after mowing the lawn!

The smell of home baked bread.

The perfect temperate when you walk outside

Someone remembering your name.

When a utility company forgets to send you a bill.

Opening the door to a happy dog.

Making a baby laugh.

Waking up to the warmth of the sun's rays on your face.

Drinking sangria on the beach at midday.

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